Inflatables tents igloo

Inflatables tents igloo

Use our tents for promoting your brand during outdoor events. You don’t need to worry about uneven surface, because our will function where others won’t. Make your company visible! Inflatable tents are original advertising mediums. They are definitely eye-catchers.


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Inflatable tents are an interesting alternative to standard tents. IGLOO tents are made from polyester fabric around 300 g/m2. Products can be made either from a coloured fabric or 100% overprinted. Graphics on tents can be digitally overprinted (solvent or transfer printing) or through screen printing.
Fire retardant fabric or windows are optional.

The products along with the equipment are packed into a cover facilitating transportation

►  Inflatable tents IGLOO 4 legs


Size                                     4 x 4m  5 x 5m       6 x 6m        8 x 8m   
Leg Diameter [m]0,60m0,70m0,90m1,10m
External Height [m]3,00m3,70m4,40m6,00m
Usable Area [m2]ok. 11m2ok.19m2ok. 29m2ok. 50m2
Size of the entrance [m] 2,65×1,80m 3,46×2,15m 4,27×2,15m 5,90×2,75m
Size of the entrance [m](incl. 4 walls)72m2112m2154m2248m2


►  Inflatable tents IGLOO 5 legs


Size                               fi 8,3  fi 10    
Leg Diameter [m]0,90m1,1m
External Height [m]4,60m5,60m
Usable Area [m2]ok. 32m2     ok.47m2
Total area of printing (incl. 5 walls) 140m2192m2


►  Inflatable tents IGLOO 6 legs


Size                        fi 8,3  fi 10    
Leg Diameter [m]0,90m1,1m
External Height [m]4,60m5,60m
Usable Area [m2]ok. 32m2     ok.47m2
Total area of printing  (incl. 6 walls) 168m2231m2



Basic equipment consists of:

  •     anchors and ropes
  •     ventilator
  •     hammer
  •     operating manual


Basic colours :


connectors for setting up corridors between tents, Windows for tents, Replaceable banners mounted on a hook and loop tape, Transport bag, Plastic floor PVC (25x25 cm piece), Protective mat 6x10 m and 10x12 m,Eliptic sand weights 40 kg or 100 kg.

Electric accessories:

electric power generator, LED lighting mounted in tent's legs optional with Dusk to Dawn sensor,halogen lighting, voltage converter.

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