Constant pressure advertising – OMEGA gates

Constant pressure advertising – OMEGA gates

Perfect solution in locations with difficult access to electricity


√  Light and functional constant pressure tent without air-blower
√  No air-blower = no noise inside the tent
√  Aerodynamic shape

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Adjust the gate for your expectations/needs, by choosing one of many options:

  • Gate without graphics, with velcros for advertising banners.
  • Gate with printed graphics directly on gate.
  • Gate with replacable cover (overprinted).
  • Gate with replacable cover (overprinted) and velcros for advertising banners.
brama startowa, brama stałociśnieniowa, brama pneumatyczna

Constant pressure gate:


External Dimensions [m]4,40 x 2,956,20 x 3,607,90 x 4,45
Internal Dimensions [m]3,50 x 2,505 x 36 x 3,50
Leg diameter [m]0,450,600,95
Hook and Loop Fields on Cross-Beam [m]2 x 0,503 x 0,753,50 x 1
Hook and Loop Fields on Legs [m]0,50 x 1,500,75 x 21 x 2
Hook and Loop Fields on Slants [m]0,50 x 0,500,75 X 0,751 X 1
Gate weight (without equipment) [kg]91630


Gate is made from polyester material 500g/m2 with very high durability, fireresistant and with two sided coating.
Basic assembly equipment:

  • anchores and ropes,
  • hammer,
  • electric pump,
  • operating manual.

Variety of coloured fabrics:


  • Electrical Pump
    Efficiency 1700l/min
    Pressure max .: 250 mbar (3.6 PSI)
    Power: 1000 W
    Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 17 cm
  • Sand weights.
    Single sand weight to fill with sand. Designed for mounting on the legs

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